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12 Things Every Fashionable Woman Should Have in Her Closet



In today’s society, we believe that every woman should own it all when it comes to been fashionable and beautiful. Fashion in this century cannot be compared to the 1990’s fashion where a woman can wear a particular attire for days but a today fashion woman can go as much as wearing 3-5 attires in a day, why? Because she wants to be beautiful, fashionable, elegant and classy wherever she appears regardless of her age bracket.

Come with me, let me show you the12 things every fashionable woman should have in her closet;

  1. Perfect Coverage Bras and Pants

Just like the laying of foundation when building a house, so is bra and pant in every woman’s life. Every woman should have a very good collections of Bra and pants in her closet. Always keep them dry and clean to avoid infections and always look out quality and affordability.

2. Pairs of Well Fitted Plain Black Trousers

As a grown woman whether a working class or a business woman, you should have a pair of well fitted plain black trouser for that classic look, especially when you need to meet with clients, business associates, official outings and name them. Trust me when I say it fits any colour of shirts, fitted or slack shirts and blazers. You can also have other unique colours of your choice such as grey, navy blue and so on.

3. Pairs of Denim Trousers

No matter how many pair you have, it is never enough and for those that don’t have them yet, “They are a must”. They come in different colours but to me, I love the bright blue and the dark wash colour. They are comfortable and goes with top of your choice including native blouses. So, get the ones that fits your body and rock them as a super woman.

4. Fitted Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts are powerful feminine wears that flatters most body shapes and figures.  They can be in suit materials, Ankara fabrics, stretchy and more. For classy and ladylike look, try fitted pencil skirts. You can rock them with fitted or slack blouses and can also be worn to different events either formal or casual meetings.

5. White shirts

Pairs of white shirts must be included in every woman’s closet. It can be long sleeve, short sleeve, T-shirts, with strips and many more. They make you appear classy, unique and chic. Can be worn on denim trousers, plain trousers, pencil skirt and A-line skirts.

6. A-Line Skirts

These female wears are extremely super comfortable unlike the fitted pencil skirts. They are classy, chic and definitely flattering. They go with everything including T-shirts and tank.

7.  Classic Black Blazers

This powerful garment takes your outfit from casual to sophistication. Just wear on any top and get that smart looks. You can get other unique colours such as white, blue and any other of your choice. Get the ones that accentuates your figures.

8. Black Gowns

photo credit: Pintrest

According to Miuccia Prada, “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world. Especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion becomes an instant language!”

This is one outfit that you definitely must ensure that you buy the quality ones because you will wear them a million times. Whether long, short, one-shoulder, long sleeve, short sleeve or strips, which ever choice you make, they don’t loss style.  You can pair this up with a nice pair of sneakers, heels or flat ballet, statement earrings and hand bags.

It can be worn to work, casual and official meetings, cocktail parties and evening occasions. No wardrope is ever complete without a sexy black gown.

9. Flat Ballet and Heels

Photo credit: Indiamart

Flat shoe and heels are a must-have for every woman in the corporate and business world. Either of them can be worn on any type of outfits and for events like cocktail parties, evening outings, meeting, churches and so on.

10.  Pairs of Sneakers

Unlike in the 1990s, a modern fashionable woman should have pairs of sneakers in her closet. These can be worn for years if they have quality and are properly maintained. Even if you don’t have other colours, black and white sneakers is a goal! For a chic look, wear with a pair of denim and fitted T-shirt or even a black gown. Always clean and dry after use.

11. Sunglasses

The skin around your eyes including your eyelids is very sensitive to sunlight. This is a must-have for everyday use for all women out there. They protect your eyes from dust, wind, sand, elements and sun-related health issues. Go and get one if you don’t have one yet.

12. Good Leather Hand bags

There are large varieties of good leather hand bags in the market for every day modern woman. Hand bags are women best friend and every fashionable woman must have one or few. For a perfect hand bags, go for durability, affordability and style. They are not only for carrying daily useful items but for style as well.

Every fashionable modern woman should not joke with the above-mentioned items. Always look out for quality, affordability, style and they should be properly taken care of after use.

Stay safe!

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