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A Must Read: The 15 Wonders Of Garden Eggs



By Blossom Chigozie

Unfortunately, many have missed alot by refusing to eat Garden egg but trust me, it’s not late to start because the level of goodness that comes with Garden egg can never be emphasized according to research. Eating garden egg boosts overall and wellbeing of the human body and is counted among the healthiest of plants.

Garden egg, a small bulb-shaped vegetable that has a slight bitter taste and is either green or white in color, belongs to the member of the Solanaceae family. Its botanical name is Solanum melongena, ganeyen guata/yalo in Hausa, Igba in Yoruba and Anyara in Igbo.

Below are the Goodness and Wonders of Garden Eggs to Human Body;

1. Garden egg cures cold and cough. It contains vitamin C, an active elements that fights cold and prevents scurvy

2. Garden egg provides great amount of Calcium and Phosphorus essential for bones and teeth strengthening. So it’s perfect for the young and old to consume.

3. It helps to lower eye pressure in person with glaucoma without side effect even with high consumption

4. Garden egg reduces risk of  heart diseases and stroke because it contains vitamins (soluble and water-soluble vitamins) which helps the heart, cellular respiration and nervous  system to function well.

5. It is high in potassium, a necessary salt that helps in maintaining the function of the heart and regulate blood pressure.

6. It helps in the treatment of stomach ulcers

7. Eating garden egg is good at reducing blood Cholesterol

8. Whatever a Pregnant woman eats,the baby eats and these acts could either affect the baby negatively or positively. Garden Egg is very good for expecting mothers and the infants as it helps control blood pressure, prevents edema (swollen legs), relieve stress, avoid malnutrition, fights unnecessary fats, prevent Anemia and more.

9. Garden egg leaves can serve as a natural blood tonic in anemic patient.

10. Due to the high level of fiber content found in Garden egg, it is Perfect For Digestion. This has a way of increasing the body metabolism rate as it digests food particles faster. Just snack on them after meal for those watching their weight, it works magic.

11. Garden egg is one of the anti-cancer fruit which has been helping for over decades. It contains anthocyanins and chlorogenic acids that protect cell from damage caused by free radicals.

12. Garden egg provides the body with both fat soluble vitamins and water soluble vitamins, which are rich in thiamin (vitamins B6) required for normal growth and proper  functioning of the heart and nervous system.

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13. Garden egg helps prevent blood clots with the help of vitamin K and biaflavonoids, which strengthen capillaries

14 . Garden egg helps in the control of high blood pressure and relieves stress.

15 . Garden egg lowers Blood Sugar Levels because it contains glucose absorption to the body and it’s great for diabetic patients that needs to check their levels at all times.

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Garden egg still remains one of the cheapest vegetables/fruits in Nigeria, eat as much as you can and thank me later!
Stay Safe!

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