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Constant Global News (RC: 1735864) is one of the leading online news platform based in Abuja, Nigeria with special focus on business, entertainment and the nation’s political activities including the parliaments.

We provide our visitors and clients with up to date business, entertainment and political information from Nigeria and the world’s largest economy.

Our product offering are as follows;

Business News – Constant Global News monitors, analyse and report on business and financial information and news, as well as, provide insights into the associated implications for businesses and individuals invovled. We dissect the news and provide our readers with in-depth analytics of how daily business and financial information may impact their financial status. Information has become the most sought after commodity in this disconnected world, full of cause and effect, so it is those who get it first and harness better that will always come on top.

Financial Literacy & Personal Finance – Constant Global News understands that the most difficult aspect about money is growing it after it is earned. Through real live experiences, we provide our readers with street smart opinions and guides on how to manage money. For this service, we also facilitate crowd sourcing of personal finance experiences to ensure our readers are able to tap into as much diverse an opinion pool as possible including information on Cryptocurrency.

Entertainment – Constant Global News also aims to provide its readership with from the saucy, juicy and meaty information from music, movies and celebrity’s world. News on up-coming artist, Grammy awards, latest songs and movies in Nigeria and the world at large. Our consulting arm is ever ready to meet your entertainment needs.

Data Analytics – We also provide accurate research services on corporate finance data, consumer price data and pricing analytics for purchasing managers / procurement officers, local & foreign investors interested using data to drive decision making.

Media – In collaboration with other media partners, we provide our readers with content on our website. Our content provisions including market views, family matters, education, jobs and shows for start-ups.

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