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Happy Father’s Day: Not Many Fathers – Bishop T.D Jakes



God is more than just our Creator, He is our Heavenly Father. The closeness of being God’s sons and daughters means we are granted special access to His molding correction, life-giving assurance, and boundless love. But what happens when we don’t find His perfect love in the families we create or grow up in? When we crave what we didn’t get? Or when we model the dysfunction we did get? There is no “normal” or “perfect” family unit; there is only God’s Word we can lean on as a metric for good fatherhood. In this panel discussion, Bishop T.D. Jakes navigates the hurt, hope, and healing in glimpses of fathers across the spectrum.

Message: Not Many Fathers
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 4:14-16 KJV

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