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How To Glow With The Harmattan



Harmattan season! what a weather? Just wondering how those with delicate skins are coping in this season because it’s really tough. The harmattan season is here as usual and its very vital to look out for yourselves and be sure you are properly covered, prepared and still maintain that awesome glow and smiles.

Harmattan is a season when dry cold and dust-laden wind blows from the Sahara Desert in North Africa towards the West African countries. It comes with intense effect on human health and comfort, causing cold, running nose, chapped lips, cough, catarrh, broken heels, dry skin, asthma and more

Here are some healthy tips to maintain your glow in this harsh season and in case you already suffering from it, I guess these will help.

Stay Hydrated Always

By now, we should be feeling the effect of the season in our throats. Its super natural to get easily dehydrated. Drink water always and avoid carbonated drinks as much as you can. This act will cause yur skin to light up with glow and void of dryness. It is recommended that we should drink at 4litres of water in a day or even more because of its goodness.

Avoid Matte Beauty Products
Stay away from matte beauty products for a while especially this season of dryness. Matte beauty products are oil-free, covering the pores of the skin from producing excess oil. Use mild beauty products that won’t be harsh on your face especially if you have a delicate skin.

Wear Protective Hairstyles (For Ladies)

This season due to the harshness of the weather, the hair starts breaking especially the tips. So, let’s wear hairstyles that keeps your end hidden such as braid and wearing of wigs instead of exposing the hair. Washing the hair with Anti-dandruff shampoo, constant moisturising and tying of scarves when you are indoors will do wonders to your hair.

Never Forget Your Sunglasses and Nose Mask

This season, some people’s eyes become watery or reddish in colour due to dehydration, harsh sun and breeze. So always shield your eyes with Sunglasses and the air you inhale with nose mask.

Use Sunscreen

Its very paramount to protect your skin from direct sun rays. Use sunscreen products. Sunscreen are lotion-like solutions that are made with organic or non-organic filters to help absorb Ultra Violet from the sun.

Moisturise As Much As You Can
The skin needs to retain its moisture in this harsh season. Use body lotions that are rich in natural oils. You can use either shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, carrot oil, castor oil to moisturize at times, you can also massage your body with any of your choice.

Avoid Dusty Areas
If you are Asthmatic, stay away from dusty environment to avoid attack. Wear good nose mask and ensure your inhaler is with you if you must. Generally, dusty areas are not favourable for anyone’s health.

Bath With Lukewarm/Room Temperature Water
This will be difficult for hot water lovers due to the cold weather but bathing with warm or room temperature water will help retain your glow. Hot water increases dryness, itchy skin strips the skin of its natural oils.

Wear Protective Clothes Always
When going to bed or going out in the morning, cover yourself properly with warm clothes and loosen up as the day heats up.

Eat Fruits That Has Plenty Water and Vitamin C

This season, if you are not drinking water, eat water! Let the fruits that you eat this season be water-filled. Fruits like tomatoes, watermelon, oranges, apples, pineapples, cucumber and as much as you get. Vitamin C will help to reduce the chances of contracting cold and other negative effect.

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Lip gloss/lip balm, Hand sanitizer and Hand Cream should always be with you

As earlier mentioned, avoid matte beauty products, there are colourful lip gloss you can use instead of matte lippies. Be more protective this season, use these frequently to protect your lips from getting chapped and your hands from looking whitish and infected.


This will help you to release unwanted toxin in your system in order to maintain a healthy skin glow. Drives away cold and it is also a stress buster.

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Harmattan season to some buddies, is the best weather but I am sure the weather affects about 80% of individuals in Nigeria according to research. So, go TOUGH on the season with these tips and thank me later.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to drop a comment!

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