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New Year Resolution: Do The Dos And Not The Talk



There is a popular saying that talk is cheap, believe me, that is very true.

The fact still remains that everybody can do the talking but not everybody can do the action behind their talk.

According to Walt Disney,” the best way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing “. Talk less and do more because result is the end of an argument.

The year 2020 was a quite a year that no one can forget in a hurry, a great year indeed! Filled with daily shortcomings, so if you are reading this, Congratulations! You made it….

Welcome to 2021, a year that all our expectations will come to fulfillment but then, how prepared are you in fulfilling your dreams? How do you intend to progress, succeed and overcome temptations and obstacles that might want to hinder you? Again! What are those beautiful plans, journey, businesses and things you will love to achieve this year? If you really want to achieve all the goodies you have in mind this year, then you need a good new year resolutions, yes I know that most of the times, it doesn’t always work out as planned in achieving the things you want or might have written down but if only you can be determined, focused, persistence, consistent, discipline you will see 90% of your vision come to pass before the end of 2021.

New Year Resolutions are the perfect opportunities for all those who failed to start making the changes they promised to make next day, next week, next month, next year or perhaps when the right time comes.

This year, “do the dos” and leave “the talks” then your success is guaranteed.

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However, New Year Resolutions can be in different form, it could be you determining to change from being bad to good or moving from good to bad habits. Whichever ways you choose, we all know what is good for the soul.

Below are the few tips you can add to your New Year Resolutions;

1. Quit Procrastinating

This posed a great threat to achieving a set goal. The spirit of procrastination will want you to have fun, more fun instead of working, meeting with business associates or working hard to achieve your goals. Set deadlines and go out of your way to meet up.

2. Plan To Build A Budget

This will help you in a long run. Just outline a budget that works for you and try to stick to it. Decide how much you will be saving weekly or monthly, whichever ways, works for you.
In putting money aside, you will be amazed at the end, how much you will realise.

3. Watch Less Television

Don’t be an average person this year. Watching television programme especially non-educative ones will shatter your plans for the day or weeks. Therefore, I suggest you watch educative programme that will motivate you for the day or through out the week and months.

4. Read More Books

You are accountable for any form of information that goes into your life. You acquire more knowledge from the writer and add to yours when you read. It’s an excellent way to gain knowledge on variety of topic and also a great exercise to the brain.

5. Quit Drinking Or Drink in Moderation

This year aside from trying to save-up money, getting your drinking habit under control will help
in so many ways. You must not drink to have fun.

6. Eat Healthier

Be watchful of what’s goes into your mouth, you are what you eat. Run from junks, sugar, cholesterol (fat and oil). Eat vegetables as much as you can, natural vegetables and fruits will make your skin Glow and kick against diseases.

7. For Smokers, Quit Now!

Unfortunately, a lot of people who are addicted to smoking, find it difficult to quit. Smoking will not only drain your wallet but it will expose and endanger your respiratory system.

8. Always Be Happy With Yourself

Choose to be happy always, refuse to be angered by anyone and be yourself even family members and love ones might want to kill your joy, refused to be downcasted. A merry heart attract favor and it will make you to stay more healthier younger.

9. Improve Your Concentration And Mental Skills

If you can work on these, you will be super able to overcome your fears, control your emotions and feelings, moods, learn faster and provide solutions to problems. Be focused and Stay out of distractions.

10. Meet New People

Not meeting with new people might cause you to miss out of interesting opportunities for networking and having fun. This act can help you overcome mental stress, shyness, inferiority complex and more. When you meet new people, you learn new things and be willing to also teach as you learn.

There are more than 100 New Year Resolution tips but these few can go a long way to put things in place. Hope it helps.

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