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PHOTOS: Meet The First And Only Woman Who Gave Birth In Aso Rock



Nigeria have several Villas but the Aso Rock Villa is among the most popular and beautiful Villas in the Country because it is the official residence of the President of Nigeria.

The Villa which was completed in 1991 by General Ibrahim Babangida is the most protected Presidential State house in Africa.

Over the years, several Presidents have lived in the Presidential Villa but most people do not know that a lady once gave birth in the Villa.

The woman who gave birth in the Villa is the wife of a Nigerian former Head of State named General Sani Abacha.

Abacha was a great man who ruled as Head of State in Nigeria from 17th of November in 1993 to 8th of June in 1998, while he was the Head of State, he lived in the Presidential Villa and his wife named Maryam Abacha had access to the Villa.

Maryam Abacha gave birth to one of her sons named Mustapha Abacha in the year 1994 and she gave birth in Aso Rock. According to reports, she is the first and only woman who gave birth in the Presidential Villa.

More photos of Maryam Abacha below:

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